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Azur Alien 2 Rear Light


Azur Alien 2 Rear Light



The Azur Alien II is a powerful rechargeable rear light. 


Features + inclusions

Side visibility for extra safety.

Adjustable angle bracket.

Safety reflective strip.

USB cable included.

Low battery indicator alerts you when a charge is needed.

Charging indicator.

Water resistant.

Size: 75mm W 20mm H.

Quick release tool free bracket..



Rear Light

100 lumens

4 steady modes + 4 flashing modes

High beam - 1.2hrs 

Medium beam - 2.2hrs 

Normal beam - 3.3hrs 

Eco beam - 7hrs

Slow flash normal - 20hrs

Slow flash medium - 4hrs

Slow flash high - 2.2hrs

Quick flash medium - 9hrs


Our Price $27


This product is available to purchase in store, but not on this website. If you would like to have this product shipped to you, please call us to discuss possibilities. Phone 03 9329 7161