BYK kids bikes

Simply put, BYK Bikes are the best kids bikes available in Australia. Founded by Melbourne dad and bike industry veteran Warren Key, BYK bikes place an emphasis on design, quality and function. The result is a kids bike that is easier to ride and lasts longer than anything else on the market.

So what makes BYK bikes so good?

Unlike larger bike companies, where kids bikes are an afterthought to their range of adults bikes, BYK bikes design and produce only kids bikes. As a result. a lot more thought has gone into the design of BYK bikes than other kids bikes.

Three key design features make BYK bikes more efficient and more stable than other bikes: a long wheelbase, large diameter wheels and low centre of gravity. BYK are also lighter than most other kids bikes. This makes it easier to learn on and easier to control than other kids bikes.  

"The bike that bike riders buy their kids," is how Simon Vincett, former editor of Ride On magazine, described them. Your child will go further on a BYK bike. Popular models we stock include the E350, E450 and E540

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