Fixie Bikes in Melbourne

Fixie bikes are a great bike for Melbourne! With no major hills in and around Melbourne and the relatively short distances people need to travel around the inner suburbs, fixie bikes still remain one of our best selling bikes.

Fixie bikes and track bikes are also known as single speed bikes and are normally ridden with a freewheel, and sometimes with a fixed gear. Fixie bikes are the simplest form of bicycles available and people love fixie bikes for their simplicity and low maintenance. While historically the first basic bikes ever made were single speeds with a fixed gear, the fixie bike has really evolved from the track bike raced in Velodromes.

Do Fixie Bikes Have Brakes?

Track bikes for racing are not allowed to have brakes, but to ride them legally on our roads they need both front and rear brakes, the fixie became this bike. So yes, fixie bikes do or should have brakes and have become a very popular bike because of its relatively low cost to purchase and maintain, and because of its light weight and simplicity. Most riders (especially new riders) prefer to add a freewheel, as it makes its safer and more practical for the inexperienced rider.

Northside Cycles provide a wide range of quality Fixie and single speed bikes in Melbourne with a number of colour options and a wide range of parts and components to make your fixie bike a unique ride. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or buying a bicycle for the first time, we are always ready to help you choose the best bike for you.

We stock Fixie bikes and Track bikes from renowned brands such as Fuji, Kona and Soma, with an emphasis on providing an exceptional in store retail experience, supported by information online.

Fuji is an old Japanese brand which is over 100 years old and has been producing the Fuji Feather model for many years. This is our most popular model, mainly because it is a good quality bike, at a nice price that looks great with 3 different colours every year. Kona is an established brand from Canada and have been producing the Kona Paddy Wagon for many years. The Paddy Wagon offers great quality option with a more modern geometry and component mix that results in a more comfortable ride. Finally, Soma is a niche American brand out of San Francesco making beautiful chromoly frames and bikes, utilizing some old designs which will accommodate modern componentry.