Comfort Bikes

It doesn’t matter what your cycling motivation is, some riders just want to be in an upright position while they ride. Whether it is quick trip to the local shops, a longer leisure ride along your favourite bike path or short commute to work one of those stunning Melbourne days, comfort bikes can do most things other bikes do, just in a little more comfort.

Comfort bikes can be a great option for riders with limited flexibility, back or neck problems, or just like to ride in everyday clothes that are a little more restrictive.

They are also great for commuting in busy traffic, because they put the rider in a position where their vision of traffic conditions and obstacles is optimized for quick decisions.

What are comfort bikes?

In a nutshell, a comfort bike is trying to get the rider in an upright riding position. As the name suggests, comfort bikes are comfortable! They may not be as light and quick at covering long distances like a flash road bike, but they do allow the rider to cover as much distance as they are comfortable with, in comfort.

Because of the upright riding position, most comfort bikes come fitted with wider, softer saddles, shorter cockpits and high handlebars. But you may find other features such as, suspension seat posts, suspension forks, ergonomic handlebar grips and adjustable handlebar stems so you can personalise your riding position.

Northside Cycles stocks a great range of comfort bikes that are ideal for around Melbourne roads and bike paths, and will also cater for the odd trip to the country to ride on your favourite Rail Trail. Come in and let us guide you through our range and then take one for a test ride, you will be surprised at how comfortable and fun they are.