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Best Bike Lights

At Northside Cycles, we reckon the best bike lights are ones that work properly. With most of our customers’ now buying rechargeable bike lights, that will mean having the lights fully charged, ready to go.

We have a thorough range of bike lights, so whether you are looking for a bike light set, front, rear, a helmet light or simply bike lights from Knog, we have you covered.

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What are the best bike lights?

Well this largely depends on what sort of riding you do.

Riding off-road as a mountain biker, you needs will be more heavily skewed towards seeing where you are going in technical terrain, whereas riding on the roads as a commuter, your needs will be more heavily skewed towards been seen by other road users.

We will take the view point of the commuting cyclist in this instance.

Been seen should be the number one priority for the commuting cyclist, so here are some points to consider.

Are your lights able to be seen?

Where you mount your lights is vital. Are they been obscured by baskets, pannier bags or low hanging apparel? Maybe you might want to consider a helmet light that sits up high above most cars.

Run time

The best bike lights are the ones that are working properly. Conventional battery lights will in a lot of cases have significantly longer run times than a rechargeable light. So, are your lights fully charged or getting fresh batteries installed often enough?

Reflective apparel and accessories

Things like high visibility jackets, reflective sashes tied to your bag, 3m reflective tape on the bike or helmet all make a huge difference.

Flashing or steady modes?

While a flashing light helps identify you as a cyclist, apparently a steady light helps other road users determine how far you are more easily.

If you need to see where you’re going, like for instance, through some parks or along some sections of bike paths, consider this?

How many lumens do I need cycling at night?

If you ride at slower speeds and don’t change direction quickly, you may be fine with a front light with 250-300 lumens.

If you ride at moderate speeds around lots of corners, a front light with 500-900 lumens may suit you better.

But if you ride off-road in technical terrain, grab the front light with the most lumens you can afford, we reckon 1000+

View bike light options here

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